Party at My House

from by Josh LaFayette

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I love pizza. I wrote a song about it. Wanna hear it? Here it goes.


Call your mom
Call your dad
Call your brother, call your sister
Call your friends
We 'bout to have a big party at my house
We 'bout to have a big party at my house
Come over early so we can hang
Bring some dranks, bring some dudes, bring some dames
But don't bring food, man, I got that covered
Leave them chips and them cakes in your cupboard
I got a little something up my sleeve, ha
I'm bout to order TWO HUNDRED PIZZAS
Veggie, Supreme
Meat Lover's, and Cheese
Margherita by the slice, man
Don't that sound nice, man?
If you want it Vegan, I can order it right
If you don't want sauce, then I'll order it White
Any kind of pizza that you want
They deliver
You can get thick crust
Or you can get it thinner
Hand tossed, deep dish
Anything that you wish
We can order tonight
And it'll be delish

One slice, two slice, three slice, four
I could eat a whole pizza and I'd still want more.

I love pizza, yeah
Nothing on this earth I want more than pizza oh yeah

Eatin' pizza in the bed, eatin' pizza on the couch
Eatin' pizza on the floor, now I'm burning my mouth
We can get loud
Or we can stay quiet
As long as we got pizza
Then this party is a riot
Empty one box, put it in the recyclin bin
Need another slice? Open up a fresh box again
Plates on the left, cups on the right
Put your name on your cup, man, and use it all night
Now we playin games: Pizza Catchphrase
Pepperoni Checkers and a Marinara Maze
We gettin wild, this party's insane
I ate so much pizza I forgot my name
back to kitchen, front of the line
Imma grab a slice just one mo' time
When it comes to pizza
You better believe, ha
I'm number one
They call me Big Caesar

Catch me with my crew
On the corner every night
Passing the time slice by slice

We won't need drugs
We'll be high on love
Cuz we'll be eatin' pizza 'til the sun come up

I love pizza, yeah
Nothing on this earth I want more than pizza oh yeah


from Food Raps, track released June 24, 2013
Written and performed by Josh LaFayette in his apartment in Boston



all rights reserved


Josh LaFayette Atlanta, Georgia

Illustrator and designer in ATL, GA, USA. I write music for fun, but sometimes people pay me to write background music for internet and tv ads. It is good. Life is hard but I am trying my best.

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